We are taking our time when it comes to our "About Us" section. This means a lot to us, so we want it to be perfect :)

In the meantime, we will leave you with our little motto. Here at Captain + Stoker, we work as a team. Not only is our name the two positions on a Tandem bicycle, it is a philosophy to live by. We work in tandem with:

Our Crew: We don't just work hard - we have fun! What is success if you aren't enjoying the journey? Working as a team every day is important to us. We support and celebrate each other's talents - whether that be from a mountain bike race to a dance recital. When you step into our shop, you will instantly see the teamwork (and espresso) flowing + the good vibes radiating out of our garage door.

Our Community: There are so many talented locals here in Monterey, and we are happy we have a space to showcase them! We have artist pop-ups weekly, some during our work days and others after hours. We utilize local bakers for our treats and breads as well. Collaborating with local businesses to foster meaningful connections within our community means a lot to us. Small businesses are the future!

Our Earth: We know we only get on Earth, so we have to treat it right! Many of our products are compostable and everything else is at the very least recyclable or low impact. We also have have many alternative milks to choose from. Everyday, we are doing our part to help treat Mother Earth as we should, and we do our best to educate and encourage as many people that will listen to do the same. We can only do this together, in tandem.